About Phil

Meet Phil Nusbaum

Phil Nusbaum is a radio professional thoroughly immersed in Bluegrass music and culture. His ability to present bluegrass in multiple perspectives comes from his diverse Bluegrass-related experiences.

Radio credits include:

  • Long experience presenting bluegrass on radio
  • Contributing produced pieces to ten NPR program vehicles
  • NPR training in music recording

Performance credits include

  • Plays the banjo professionally. One of his groups, Urban Renewal Bluegrass, won a Minnesota Music Academy award for quality
  • Produced a CD, “Traditional and Original”
  • Plays the banjo and sings with the Bluegrass Pals

Research credits

  • Holds a PH.D. in Folklore from Indiana University
  • Author of several articles about bluegrass music
  • Has taught about and lectured about Bluegrass music to audiences of all ages
  • Teaches aspiring players and radio producers at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota

To contact Phil: phil@bluegrassreview.com



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