Your Business and the Bluegrass Review


Your Business and the Bluegrass Review

Most Bluegrass Review stations are public stations. In public radio, announcements that thank businesses or individuals for supporting the broadcast are called underwriting announcements. A typical “UA” begins with “The Bluegrass Review is made possible in part by…” It then tells the product or service created by the business, and winds up announcing your web address.  Know, though, that some Bluegrass Review stations are commercial stations, so for them, we will create an advertisement for your business and put it on a version of the show for commercial stations only.

Why support the Bluegrass Review

  • Underwriters investing in the Bluegrass Review are linking themselves to a loyal and appreciative audience. Because Bluegrass fans receive very little of their favorite music on radio, they listen attentively to Bluegrass broadcasts.
  • Market research shows that the typical bluegrass listener is an upwardly mobile person with an active lifestyle.
  • The Bluegrass Review is Bluegrass Music’s authoritative radio home. It has a distinct program philosophy which informs and entertains. It is much more than a background to whatever else is going on in a setting.
  • The host, Phil Nusbaum, is a bluegrass authority experienced at radio production, professional bluegrass performing, and research into bluegrass tradition.

How Public Radio Underwriting is Different from Advertising

Public radio underwriting follows the model of attributing supporters for their crucial role in programming. Because public radio is nearly completely jingle-free, an underwriting message is not in the position of fighting through noise in order to be heard. Listeners receive underwriting messages as the informational pieces they are intended to be.


Typically, underwriting is written in 13-week blocks. Supporters may consider:

  • Underwriting specific portions of the 1-hour show
  • Underwriting certain types of segments such as interviews or produced segments

To discuss underwriting The Bluegrass Review, contact Phil Nusbaum at


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