Listen to the Bluegrass Review Demo here. Contact host Phil Nusbaum for the password.

Taking the show: The Bluegrass Review, a weekly, 1-hour program, is available to radio stations free of charge. Please make contact with the show so we can exchange contact information and to obtain a user name and password for downloading programs. Also tell us the time slot you will run the show, and the way you identify your station (i.e. “the voice of the valley”), and we’ll create a generic promo you can use any time. Each weekly promo is keyed to a specific broadcast, and is ready for your announcer’s tag (“listen to the Bluegrass Review Saturday Mornings at 9 on….”).

Need a second hour of The Bluegrass Review? If you need a second hour of the Bluegrass Review, year-old shows can be used for that purpose. They are located on this website. Scroll down past the asterisks till you get to the “second hour” location. Here’s how to use nomenclature to tell a current show from a year-old one. The program is delivered in two segments. In the year 2011, show segments are named 11xxa and 11xxb. the “11″ means “2011.” Shows that are a year old in 2011 are named 10xxa and 10xxb. We also call the year-old shows “second hour.” The page where links to show segments are listed tell the calendar for broadcasting each show. Please follow the calendar.

The “long” shows.

These are current shows, filed with the “second hour” shows that are 59 minutes, with no breaks. They are intended for public stations.

Our Expectation: We expect that you will broadcast the show weekly in a consistent time slot.

Delivery of the Bluegrass Review: Members of the Public Radio Exchange can download the show from the Public Radio Exchange website ( The program is now available for download from the Bluegrass Review website at Subscribe > Download Programs. You will need a login and password to download the program.

Underwriting: Stations are free to seek local underwriting for the program while the show seeks network underwriting. Stations locating network underwriting should contact the Bluegrass Review to negotiate a special arrangement.

Fundraiser Editions (For public stations): Specially formatted fund raising editions are available each spring and fall at and Each delivers about 40 minutes of programming with light fund raising. Stations fill out the hour with their own fund raising.


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