Bluegrass Review Dec 9-Dec 15, 2017 (second hour) #1650

Broken hearted melodies are commonplace in bluegrass songs. But the stories in the Carolina Blue and Honi Deaton songs presented early are especially compelling. Why isn’t the harmonica more commonplace in bluegrass? That’s one we can’t figure out. The Gem of Bluegrass muses over that one. Later on, we present songs that illustrate the interplay between bluegrass music and the folk revival of the 1950s onward.

Song Artist CD Label
Notes from Home Jim and Lynna Woolsay Heart and Soul, Blood and Bone Broken

Sweethearts No Longer

Do You Remember Me Carolina Blue Do You Remember Me M-Pact
I’m Not Lisa Honi Deaton What Should Have Been CMG


Wafaring Stranger Valerie Smith Small Town Heroes Bell Buckle

Gem of Bluegrass 1649: Why Not More Harmonica in Bluegrass

Song Artist CD Label
Jobbin’ Getting’ There Various, Crook Bros Nashville: the Early String Bands v. 2 Jobbin’ Getting’ There
Darling Nellie Grey Bob Bovee & Gail Heil RR 2 Darling Nellie Grey
Otto Wood the Bandit Doc Watson The Vanguard Years Otto Wood the Bandit
Ice Water Blues Various, Deford Baily Nashville: the Early String Bands v. 2 Ice Water Blues
Train 45 Mike Stevens Harmonica Train 45
Nothing to It Flatt and Scruggs with Doc Watson Strictly Instrumental Nothing to It
Watermelon Pie Mike Stevens Harmonica


Bluegrass in the Backwoods David Naiditch Bluegrass in the Backwoods


Folk Music, Bluegrass and Musical Evolution

It’s All Over Now Baby Blue Country Gentlemen Early Rebel Recordings Rebel
Washed My Fact in the morning Dew Rebekah Long Here I Am Luk
Wherefore and Why Kenny and Amanda Smith Unbound Farm Boy
Flora, The Lily of the West Clay Hess Band 1 Kang
There is a Time There is a Time She Waits for Night Rounder
Rock Salt and Nails Front Country Sake of the Sound
Bluegrass in the Backwoods David Naiditch Road to Columbus

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