Bluegrass Review Nov 18-Nov 24, 2017 (second hour) #1647

When Bluegrass goes downtown, it’s generally to have fun, and sometime too much! After a few “downtown” songs, the Gem of Bluegrass features bluegrass songs expressing thanks. Songs rarely sand thank you directly, but you can tell when singers are thankful for their friends and family. Later, a couple of songs where people named Walker are to blame for bad things. Finally, bluegrass artists tell of the connections between their songs and their lives.

Song Artist CD Label
Little Girl in Tennessee Northern Connection Patuxent


Way Downtown


Doc Watson and Clarence Ashley The Original Folkways Recordings of Doc Watson and Clarence Ashley 1960-1962 Smithsonian Folkways
Way Downtown Jordan Tice Horse County Patuxent
Hello City Limits Red Allen Lonesome and Blue Rebel
Downtown Soulgrass

Gem of Bluegrass 1647: Bluegrass and Thankfulness

Will My Mother Know Me There Carter Family 1927-1934 JSP
I Wonder How the Old Folks are at Home Lilly Bros Prestige Folklore Years v.5 Prestige Folklore
Dream Softly Volume Five Voices Mountain Fever
Between Me and Jolene Fox Family Listen to the Music Koch
Good Thing Going Rhonda Vincent Good Thing Going Rounder
Where Did Our Young Years Go Reno & Smiley Bluegrass hits Copper Creek


Jim and Lynna Woolsay Give me Back Tomorrow Heart and Soul, Blood and Bone Broken


The Illicit Walkers

Johnny Walker Carolina Blue Goin’ Home Today M-Pact
Henry Walker Del McCoury Cold Hard Facts Rounder

Bluegrass Artists Tell About Connections Between Songs and Lives

Age Savage Hearts Playing it Forward
Waiting for a Train Cindy G Jail Break Blue Road
Spring Clay Hess Rain Kang


Song Artist CD Label
Can’t Go Home Again Tellico Relics and Roses
Menzone Drive Dan Menzone Menzone Drive

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