Bluegrass Review July 15, 2017-July 21, 2017 #1729

Most bluegrass songs relating to separation have it as a result of a breakup. But that isn’t true in this show’s opening group of songs. In these songs, separation is a result of circumstances that won’t always hold. Later, the Gem of Bluegrass tells of changes to the well-known song “Little Log Cabin in the Lane.” Finally, we chart the evolution…or devolution…of three groups of songs.


Song Artist CD Label
Raining in Baltimore Kim Robins Raining in Baltimore Pinecastle
Ashville Turnaround Del McCoury It’s Just the Night MCM
When Springtime Comes Again Carter Family 1927-1935 JSP


(Stormy Weather Curtis Wright Voxhall)

Gem of Bluegrass 1729: Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane

Song Artist CD Label
Log Cabin in the Lane Jim Eans 20 Bluegrass Originals DeLuxe
The Little Old Sod Shanty Charlie Craver & Elmo Tanner Vocalion
The Little Red Caboose Behind the Train Pickard Family Banner
Little Joe the Wrangler Goebel Reeves Glendale
Log Cabin in the Lane Jim Eans 20 Bluegrass Originals DeLuxe


Cowgirl Yodel #3 Nora Jane Struthers
How a Cowgirl Says Goodbye Deer Creek Boys What Goes Up Mountain Fever


Lights and Sirens Hammertowne Hillbilly Heroes Mountain Fever

Wind and Rain

Song Artist CD Label
Wind and Rain Dan Tate Virginia Traditions: Ballads from British Tradition
The Cruel Sister Roe Family Singers As Fair as the Sun

Rain and Snow

Cold Rain and Snow Grateful Dead Warner Bros
Cold Rain and Snow Red Squirrel Chasers Shakin’ Down the Acorns Vigortone

Homestead on the Farm

Homestead on the Farm Carter Family
I Wonder How the Old Folks are at Home Lilly Bros Have a Feast Here Tonight Prestige
Homestead on the Farm Foghorn Stringband Outshine the Sun


(Sadie at the Back Door Andrew Vogts Sasquatch with an Alien on its Head Patuxent)
Young Mister Clark Jim Hurst Trio JHT-1 NN Guido

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