Bluegrass Review June 10, 2017-June, 16, 2017 #1724

A couple of love songs that are a little out of the ordinary begins our broadcast. Then the Gem of Bluegrass considers drums in bluegrass. Because the original bluegrass had no drums, if there were a legal entity governing bluegrass, some fans would attempt to ban drums from bluegrass. But actually, drums have been around in the music for a long time, and there are actually different approaches to playing them. We present two stores about two different “Johnson” stores. Finally, we talk to Junior and Kati Penn Williams about putting together the arrangements for some of their songs with the group NewTown.

Unusual Love Songs

Little Girl Gibson Bros In the Ground Rounder
Don’t You Know Boy Annie Lou Grandma’s Rules for Drinking

Gem of Bluegrass 1724: Drums in Bluegrass

Song Artist CD label
Nine Pound Hammer Osborne Bros 1968-1974 Bear Family
Ballad of Thunder Road Jim and Jesse Bluegrass and More Epic
Blow Me Away Steep Canyon Rangers Radio Rounder
Hangman’s Reel Rodney Miller Airplang Rounder


(Erin / Soulmate Rodney Miller Airplang Rounder)

Johnson’s Stores

Johnson’s Hardware Store Irene Kelley These Hills Mountain Fever
Johnson’s Grocery Store Lost and Found It’s About Time Rebel


Distant Land to Roam Tom Ewing Adventures of a Blue Grass Band Patuxent

Junior and Kati Penn Williams Interview

Song Artist CD Label
Hard Times Junior and Kati Penn Williams Interview
Hard Times Newtown Harlan Road Mountain Home
Castaway Junior and Kati Penn Williams Interview
Castaway Newtown Lover’s Leap Mountain Fever
Dublin Blues NewTown Time Machine Crossroads


Bluegrass Evolutions: Wild Horses

Sadie at the Back Door Andrew Vogts Sasquatch with an Alien on its Head Patuxent
Oh Lonesome Me Karl Shifflett Sho’ Nuff Country Patuxent
Blue Grass Stomp Karl Shifflett Sho’ Nuff Country Patuxent

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