Bluegrass Review May 27, 2017-June 2, 2017 #1722

The city is at best a necessary evil when it comes to bluegrass songs, Our show opens with a couple of songs about people who live in northern cities for work, but would rather be down south. Bill Monroe is generally regarded as the father of bluegrass music. Often, the transformation from the string band style preceding Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys is considered along the lines of a Big Bang. But should it be considered that way? Later, we play a couple of songs centered on a man who is always considered a bad man, a guy named Willie. Finally, we present a musical conversation with Omaha’s Mindy Hunke about her fiddle playing.

Big City Turn Me Loose

Detroit Blues Big Country Bluegrass Let Them Know I’m From Virginia Rebel
Hoedown in Motown Grascals Long List of Heartaches Rounder
Take Me Home Tom Ewing Adventures of a Blue Grass Boy Patuxent


(Sugar Maple Noam Pickelne Universal Favorite )

Gem of Bluegrass 1722: Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass: Evolution and Revolution

Song Artist CD label
On a Cold Winter’s Night J.E. Mainer’s Mountaineers Smoky Mountain Ballads RCA Victor
Back Up and Push Bill Monroe 1940-1947 ASV
Fireball Mail Roy Acuff The Early Stars of the Grand Ole Opry Catfish
I’m Gonna Settle Down Flatt & Scruggs 1948-1959 Bear Family
Down South Blues Dock Boggs Old-Time Mountain Blues County
Bob Wills Brain Cloudy Blues Faded Rose Catfish
Little Cabin Home on the Hill Bill Monroe 1940-1947 ASV


Oklahoma Stomp Scotty Stoneman Live in L.A. Sierra


Oh that Willie

Rambling, Gambling Willie The Lonely Heartstring Band Deep Waters Rounder
Little Willie Ralph Stanley 16 Years Copper Creek
The Next Big Thing Tony Trischka Tony Trischka Territory Smithsonian Folkways

Mindy Hunkie Interview

Song Artist CD Label
Stump Tailed Dog Mindy Hunkie Interview
Saturday night Breakdown Mindy Hunkie Interview
Henry’ Reed’s Breakdown Mindy Hunkie Interview


High Above the Hills Benji Flaming Solo Banjo
(Leanin’ on the Good Times Irene Kelley These hills Mountain Fever)
Cacklin’ Hen Scotty Stoneman Live in L.A. Sierra

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