Bluegrass Review May 20, 2017-May 26, 2017 (second hour) #1621

The program opens with some recent bluegrass blues. Then, we continue to present a couple of “lonesome as it gets” songs. One is from the perspective of a prisoner awaiting execution, and the other is about Potter’s Field people. These are deceased individuals who have no living people claiming them. The Gem of Bluegrass concerns recent recordings inspired somehow by the work of the Father of Bluegrass music, Bill Monroe. Later, we talk to Richard Kriehn mandolinist formerly of the Prairie Home Companion show. Richard talks about writing tunes to meet specific needs for them.

Song Artist CD Label
She Said She Will Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen Cold Spell Compass
Blue is Fallin’ Hot Rize When I’m Free Ten in Hand

The Ultimate in Lonesome

Song Artist CD Label
Green Green Grass of Home Country Gentlemen Early Rebel Recordings Rebel
Potter’s Field Monroe Crossing Heartache and Stone  

Gems of Bluegrass #1621 – Bill Monroe Inspires New Bluegrass

Molly and Tenbrooks Bill Monroe 1940-1947 ASV
Old Ten Broek Laurie Lewis Skippin’ and Flyin’ Spruce and Maple
The Filly and the Farm Beth Stevens Strong Enough Pinecastle
I’m On My Way to the Old Home Bill Monroe 1936-1994 MCA
Foxhounds Kathy Kallick Foxhounds Live Oak


Evening Prayer Blues Mike Compton and David Long Stomp Acoustic Disc


Song Artist CD Label
Cruel Willie April Verch The Newpart Slab Town

Richard Kriehn interview

Song Artist CD Label
Red Barn Waltz Richard Kriehn interview    
Death Waltz Richard Kriehn interview    
Uptown Jack Richard Kriehn interview    
Uptown Jack Richard Kriehn Hop, Skip & Jump  


Saint Elizabeth Kaia Kater Nine Pin Kingswood
Runaway Train Flatt Lonesome Runaway Train Mountain Home
Back Up and Push Bill Monroe 1940-1947 ASV

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