Bluegrass Review April 15, 2017-April 21, 2017 (second hour) #1616

We play the numbers on today’s show. In other words, we play songs whose titles contain numbers. On the Gem of Bluegrass feature, we focus on the contributions made by amateur and professional bluegrass players. Later, we present our conversation with Dan Gellert of Dayton, Ohio. Dan contends that a good deal of the aesthetic for a portion of old time banjo music comes from African American culture. He talks, and sings and plays to back up his points.

Song Artist CD Label
One Mule Plow Unspoken Tradition Miles Between
Rock and Roll Infamous Stringdusters Ladies and Gentlemen Compass

Playing the Numbers

Seven Year Blues Gibson Bros Brotherhood Rounder
1-800-do-U-Care Larry Sparks 40 Rebel

Gems of Bluegrass #1616 Amateur and Professional

Ragtime Annie Eck Robertson Old-Time Texas Fiddler County
Brilliancy Medley Eck Robertson Old-Time Texas Fiddler County
Let Her Go God Bless Her Louvin Bros Tragic Songs of Life Capitol
My Sweet Blue Eyed Darlin’ Bill Monroe 1936 – 1994 MCA
Y’all Come Bill Monroe 1936 – 1994 MCA

Playing the Numbers

Give Me Back My Fifteen Cents Hoover Uprights Known for their Reputation
Seventeen Cents Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin Stay Awhile Rounder


Song Artist CD Label
Darling Nellie Laurie Lewis The Hazel and Alice Sessions Spruce and Maple

Dan Gellert Interview

Song Artist CD Label
Coo-Coo Bird Dan Gellert Interview
Rueben Dan Gellert Interview
Diamond Joe Dan Gellert Interview


Old Folks You Better Go to Bed Dan and Debbie Gellert and others
Circa Blue Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time Orange Blossom
Honky Tonk Blues Lonesome Pine Fiddlers Lonesome Wind Blues Bear Family
Black Diamond Don Stover Things in Life Rounder

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