Bluegrass Review March 18, 2017-March 24, 2017 (second hour) #1612

There are many songs about trains in bluegrass, but what the trains stand for vary greatly. We open the show with a couple of recent examples. Then we play some well-crafted bluegrass takes on country songs. The Gem of Bluegrass focuses on the connection between Mexican music and bluegrass. Finally, we talk to Missy Werner, a singer from Hamilton, Ohio, which is near Cincinnati. Missy takes great care in crafting her sung versions songs, and she tells us about it. Plus she sings for us.

Recent Train Songs

Black Train Donna Ulisse Hard Cry Moon Hadley Music Gro-up
Trains Don’t Lie Bradford Lee Folk Somewhere Far Away

Country Song Overflow

Time After Time Blue Mule Suits ‘n’ Boots Denon
Lucille David Thom That Old Familiar Swollen

Gems of Bluegrass #1612 The Mexican-Bluegrass Connection

Jesusita en Chihuahua Good Ol’ Persons Good n’ Live Sugar Hill
Beaumont Rag Various, Smith’s Garage Fiddle Band Old Time Texas Bands v. 2 County
Popurri Ranchero Las Guitarras de Mexico Solo Para Ti
La Repetida The Monks Ragged But Righteous Yodel-Ay-Hee
A Border Affair Country Gentlemen Early Rebel Recordings Rebel


Play Hank’s Song Once Again Boys from Indiana Good Time Blues Rebel


Song Artist CD Label
Mountain Song Sideline Session 2 Mountain Fever

Interview with Missy Werner

Song Artist CD Label
Three Little Words Missy Werner
Dead Man Walking Missy Werner
I Always Do Missy Werner


Song Artist CD Label
Sake of the Sound Front Country Sake of the Sound
House of the Rising Sun Phil Leadbetter Philibuster Mid-Knight

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