Bluegrass Review Feb 11, 2017-Feb 17, 2017 #1707

Over the course of bluegrass and old-time music history, there is a strain of songs about strong drink. Recently, there have been some songs about alcohol that describe how alcohol plays in people’s lives. These songs neither celebrate alcohol nor warn of it. On our Gem of Bluegrass, we describe some of the influences of other idioms of bluegrass and old-time music. Later, we talk to Phil and Vivian Williams of Seattle about the Tarheels of Darrington, WA, a group of North Carolina people who came to Washington for work in the logging industry, and brought their bluegrass and old-time music with them.

Song Artist CD Label
Unwanted Love Sideline Col ors and Crossroads Mountain Fever

Recent Moonshine

Daddy Made Moonshine Nothin’ Fancy Where I Came From Mountain Fever
Queen of the Mountain Bootleggers Becky Buller ‘Tween Earth and Sky Dark Shadows
Grandma’s Rules for Drinkin’ Annie Lou Grandma’s Rules for Drinkin’

Gem of Bluegrass 1706: Some Songs Are Represented in Many Genres

Song Artist CD Label
Farewell Blues Ted Lewis and His Band
Farewell Blues Sol Hoopii Hula Blues Rounder
Farewell Blues Flatt & Scruggs 1948 – 1949 Bear Family
Cotton Fields Lead Belly The Smithsonian Folkways Collection Smithsonian Folkways
Cotton Fields The Highwaymen United Artists
Cotton Fields Mac Wiseman Bluegrass Favorites MME


(Time After Time Blue Mule Suits ‘n’ Boots Denon)
If Lonesome Don’t Kill Me Blue Highway Original Traditional Rounder


Soppin’ the Gravy Corrina Rose Logston Bluegrass Fiddle Patuxent

Phil and Vivian Williams Tell About the Tarheels of Darrington, WA

Paul and Silas Carolina Mountain Boys Comin’ Around rthe Mountain Voyager
Where Did You Get Those Pretty little Shoes Fred McFalls & Ben Bryson Comin’ Around rthe Mountain Voyager
Roy Caudill & Henry Vanoy Coming Around the Mountain Comin’ Around the Mountain Voyager

Song Mysteries

Song Artist CD Label
Justice for Willie Larry Cordle Pud Marcum’s Hangin’ Mighty Cord
Carroll County Accident James King Bluegrass Storyteller Rounder


Song Artist CD Label
(Andrew Collins Trio Chicken Fried Rag )
Laughing Boy Corrina Rose Logston Bluegrass Fiddle Patuxent

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