Bluegrass Review Jan 28, 2017-Feb 3, 2017 (second hour) #1605

The show leads off with recent bluegrass by Danny Paisley. The Carter Family’s influence is so great that over time there have been a number of tribute projects, including those by Flatt and Scruggs and Ralph Stanley. We play selections from each. On our Gem of Bluegrass, we focus on a contrasting 1920s pillar of Country music whose songs and style have stayed with us: Jimmie Rodgers. Be ready for an old track where The Carter Family meets Jimmie! Later, we continue our shows about Ohio bluegrass and Ohio bluegrass historian Mac McDivit plays 1950s bluegrass from the region that was traditional in style.

Song Artist CD Label
Mother Knows Best Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass Weary River Patuxent

Carter Family Overflow

Song Artist CD Label
You Are My Flower Flatt & Scruggs 1959-1963 Bear Family
The Waves on the Sea Ralph Stanley Distant land to Roam Columbia
Keep on the Sunny Side The Flemming Fold In the Key of Plenty

Gems of Bluegrass #1605 Jimmie Rodgers, Bluegrass Icon

Mother, the Queen of My Heart Jimmie Rodgers The Singing Brakeman Bear Family
Waiting for a Train Jimmie Rodgers The Singing Brakeman Bear Family
In the Jailhouse Now Jimmie Rodgers The Singing Brakeman Bear Family
Muleskinner Blues Van Williams Big D


Gambling Barroom Blues Nashville Bluegrass Band Twenty Year Blues Sugar Hill
The Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers in Texas The Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers Jimmie Rodgers: The Singing Brakeman Bear Family


Song Artist CD Label
Kentucky Mandolin Kathy Kallick Band Foxhounds Live Oak

Mac McDivit interview about Ohio Bluegrass

Song Artist CD Label
Sweetheart you Done Me Wrong Red Allen & Frank Wakefield The Folkways Years Smithsonian Folkways
Dog Bite Your Hide Jimmy Martin 1954-1974 Bear Family
Sing Sing Sing Jim and Jesse


Corn Licker Still in Georgia #1 Skillet Lickers Corn Licker Still in Georgia County
Trolls Polska Tara Lindhardt Bond Street Sessions
Big Chief Sonny Bill Evans In Good Company Native and Fine

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